TiwaWorks: Event Planning, Marketing and Consulting services.

TiwaWorks is an innovative event planning, marketing and consulting company that strives to create unforgettable experiences, excelling in various types of events and showcasing our unparalleled creativity, precision, and industry expertise.

About Us

Crafting Unforgettable Experiences with Precision and Mastery

TiwaWorks is an innovative event planning, marketing and consulting company that is passionate about creating extraordinary experiences. With our extensive knowledge and experience in various event categories, we are devoted to delivering unforgettable and unmatched occasions. Our exceptional expertise in corporate, social, and festival events distinguishes us from others in the industry, as we constantly strive for creativity, precision, and mastery in every event we undertake. Trust us to make your event a true testament to our commitment to excellence.


What Services we Provide

Work Experience

Event planning & marketing

Event Planning & Marketing is a highly sought-after skill that involves meticulous organization, strategic thinking, and effective communication to successfully plan and execute memorable events. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of target audience, this skill combines creativity and business acumen to create experiences that leave a lasting impression and achieve desired marketing objectives.


Consulting is a strategic skill that involves providing expert advice and guidance to businesses or individuals seeking to improve their performance, solve problems, or achieve specific goals. Through meticulous analysis, industry knowledge, and a systematic approach, consultants offer valuable insights and actionable recommendations to help clients make informed decisions and drive success.

Creative problem-solving

Creative problem-solving is a invaluable skill that enables individuals to effectively and innovatively tackle complex challenges. By thinking outside the box and utilizing a diverse range of perspectives and ideas, creative problem-solvers are able to find unique and efficient solutions that others may overlook.

Our Portfolio

What Our Clients Say

The bespoke events service was exceptional; they paid attention to every detail and created a unique and personalized experience.

Jacob Thompson

I highly recommend the experimental experiences service; their innovative approach to creating immersive and unconventional events left me in awe.

Emily Johnson

The festival curation service exceeded my expectations; they brought together a diverse range of artists and activities that made the event memorable.

Michael Anderson

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